In my opinion, the most useful and effective qualities of a bot protection service can really be boiled down into two things: the intelligence of the service and its cost-efficiency. Now let’s sort out what that means in practice.

The intelligence of the service, meaning that the bot protection solution needs to have built in intelligence for automatic recognition of which bots are friends and which are foes. Because not all bots are bad, and you’ll need to make sure that e.g. your website is available for scraping by “good bots'' (such as search engines) to not limit your customer experience.

Cost-efficiency, meaning that you should be able to find a synergy effect between your threat protection solution and your traffic costs. A bot attack is bad enough on its own and should not affect your traffic fees, so make sure that you only pay for clean traffic to avoid cost peaks after the occurrence of an attack.

Lastly, a good bot protection solution should contribute to freeing up capacity for legit users and that is too dependent on the use of AI to some extent, allowing you to spend your money where it makes the most sense to your business.

Joakim Sundberg

Founder and CEO

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