Web applications have — with their submit fields, inquiries, login forms, shopping carts, and content management systems — become fundamental to businesses for leveraging their online presence by creating long-lasting and profitable relationships with customers. You often hear about larger breaches in large organizations — and if you run a small or medium sized business you may think it’s unlikely to affect you. The reality tells a different story. Fact is, that it’s small and medium sized businesses that are the ones who are the most affected by different sorts of Internet attacks. According to statistics from Forbes, more than 30 000 new websites are hacked. Every day.

According to Gartner, approximately 75% of an attack is targeted at the application layer. Furthermore, Forrester says that 35% of all organizations that have experienced an external attack blamed the result on a bad web application.

So, how can you efficiently deal with these stats? And more importantly, how can you make sure your company is protected? Start by never leaving your window open, so that you prevent anyone from just coming in. This is accomplished by investing in a Web Application Firewall which stops targeted, malicious traffic on the world wide web from reaching your web application. That way, you can safely maintain an online presence and display your offerings to the market — without having to worry about a cyber burglar entering when you’re not watching.

Be safe out there!

Ola Björling

Sr Business Development

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