According to a study by ISC, 30% reported that their organizations made the shift to remote work in a day, but 47% had up to a week to make sure everything works as it should. This includes not only the need for employees to get connected but also that the systems support remote connection in a secure way. The new ways of working has created new demands on the security organization and made the gap of lack of competence even more visible.

Businesses ideally need to defend themselves against threats in real-time, which requires the recruitment of a 24x7x365 cybersecurity team. Realistically, this is almost an impossible task due to both cost and the shortfall of cybersecurity competence in the market. Cybercriminals do not take a break on weekends, nights or even holidays, and filling positions with a work schedule across all hours of the day, weekends and holidays is incredibly challenging. To build a SOC is complex and to get the right people in is even more challenging. Instead, one way forward would be to buy the service from a specialized system integrator who can offer a SOC service which offloads the organizations need for hiring their own staff.

As the cloud continues to deliver valuable services providing success and advantages to businesses across the globe, more workload migration can be expected, including application development, hybrid use cases and higher security needs. To secure a digital present and future, companies must adapt now, tightening their operations to deliver a more secure and reliable platform.

We at Baffin Bay Networks recognize this and as a part of our philosophy is to offload the cybersecurity staff so they can focus on their core business. This is done with intuitive interfaces and AI that helps users to be proactive. Learn more about out services here or get in touch to try it for yourself.

Stay safe out there!

Ola Björling

Sr Business Development

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