VPN is a must for enabling employees to work remotely while still ensuring a secure access to internal — or even sensitive — resources and information which are stored on the company network. Pre pandemic, this was a reliable solution for the minority of the personnel working from another location than the physical office. But the situation has changed. The vast majority of employees are now working from their homes which makes the VPN solution indispensable — but also vulnerable from an Internet security perspective.

To exemplify, one of our customers have experienced a 800% increase in the number of employees working on remote, resulting in over 90 % of the staff in need of a functional and reliable VPN and digital workspace solution. If being the victim of a targeted Internet attack against the VPN server or gateway, it would make almost the entire company’s operations slow down.

Things have changed, and we have to adjust. Deploy an Internet Threat Protection solution that covers all your Internet-facing assets, no matter if they are stored in your own data center, at a colocation provider or in a public cloud. Internet protection is more crucial than ever before and cyberattacks as a business and hacktivism that isn't slowing down due to pandemic. On the contrary.

Would you like to learn more about how the new normal of 2020 affects your services and defence on the Internet? Welcome to our event on October 20th where we show what activities and rouge actors we currently see; what vulnerabilities are explored and how you can protect your company. You will also experience a live Internet attack to visualise the need of full-coverage protection.

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