Customer Portal

Through our customer portal, you can easily configure the setup and monitor the results of your Internet Protection service. The customer portal is built upon usability and clarity and you can follow your traffic flows and attack data in comprehensive dashboards and graphs.

Customer Portal

Learn about our customer portal

Manage your threat protection through our easy to use customer portal. Learn from attacks, follow traffic flows and configure your setup.

Full insight 24/7

Follow your traffic flow and attack data any time, any day — all year around.

Comprehensive dashboards

Get an overview of your protection service through easy-to-understand dashboards and streamlined graphics.

Secure access

Keep your account safe with two-factor authentication through an authentication app.

You’re in control

You can easily add or remove protected IP’s and switch between blocking and logging mode

Single-click reports

Generate an executive summary report on recent attacks and tendencies by a single click — on a monthly or weekly basis.

Safe certification management

Manage certificates safely with the use of Let’s Encrypt.

How does it work?

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