Threat Intelligence

The value of data and knowledge is infinite when it comes to the efficiency of a Threat Protection service. We collect our own threat data from a global sensor network, which allows our technology to continuously refine itself and act proactively against any Internet threat.

Threat Intelligence

Detailed Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence lays the foundation for our Threat Protections Service. It enables us to proactively mitigate even the most sophisticated attacks.

Dig into details

Learn details of the rogue actors in your Internet environment.

Accessible for all

We believe everyone can benefit from our threat data which is why we share it publicly and free of charge through our service Threat Insight.

Global sensors

We collect data from all corners of the world to ensure that the mitigation of attacks is based on informed decisions.

Act before and during, not after

Our Threat intelligence makes our service proactive in the sense that both known and previously unknown threats can be identified and mitigated.

First-hand information

As we collect and analyze our own threat data, the Threat Protection services is built upon first-hand, updated and relevant threat data. Always.

Visualize in the customer portal

Follow our Threat Intelligence through the customer portal to learn the details of mitigated and ongoing attacks.

How does it work?

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