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With this partnership, SecureLink becomes a strategic partner in delivering Baffin Bay Networks Cloud-Based Cyber Security Services to customers in Sweden.

Baffin Bay Networks has quickly distinguished itself as a notable player in the Security as a Service arena. With an advanced Threat Protection Platform powered by custom tailored machine learning functions, they detect and mitigate an ever increasing amount of sophisticated threats, such as Distributed Denial of Service and Application Level attacks. Baffin Bay Networks delivers its services through globally distributed Threat Protection Centers™ over more than 11 Internet Exchange Points (IXP) and transit providers.

SecureLink has been identified as a leading European provider of Cyber Security, with a portfolio consisting of advisory services and their respective solutions as well as professional services and managed detection and response.

This new strategic partnership is expected to bring Baffin Bay Networks services to a wider market, and to further extend SecureLinks offering of Cyber Security Solutions to its customers in Sweden.

”This partnership with Baffin Bay Networks goes hand in hand with our mission to have the best solutions for our customers when safely enabling their business”, says Marie Waller, Vendor Manager at SecureLink Sweden.

“The partnership allows us to leverage SecureLinks trust and expertise to bring our solutions to new segments”, says Joakim Sundberg, Founder and CEO of Baffin Bay Networks. “They have an incredible level of reach within the Nordic market”, Joakim Sundberg continues. “Also, their presence in Germany, Netherlands and United Kingdom will help us grow our customer base in these large, strategic markets.”

Already, the partnership has resulted in one contract and mutual customer. “We are both committed to protect our customers against cyber threats in an increasingly chaotic online world”, Joakim Sundberg concludes.

About SecureLink

We’re specialists in cyber security. It’s our focus every hour of the day, every day of the year. That’s why our customers believe we are relevant for them and have this championship position in Europe on cybersecurity. But true cyber security isn’t just about protection. It’s about enabling, too. It’s about empowering businesses by allowing them to safely embrace innovation, efficiency and collaboration. True cyber security is about adding value by building trust and making life easier for our customers. Put simply, we safely enable business.