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“October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, both in the EU and the United States! ‘Cyber Security’ is a very, very broad topic with many complex sub (and sub sub) categories. Since we focus on Denial of Service as well as application layer attacks, there are several topics we will be writing about over this month. This post will focus on DDoS protection and how attackers will view your network when you have it in place.

A while ago, I was in a meeting with a potential customer who was using another DDoS mitigation service. They started using the service several years ago after experiencing multiple attacks, but haven’t had any major attacks since. The CIO raised the question ‘Do we need a service like this if we aren’t being attacked?’, which served as an interesting discussion point. I’ll get to the answer in a moment, but it is worthwhile to take a quick look into how DDoS protection can be delivered.”

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